Sunday, March 29, 2015

Prayer Requests

Reggie Sr., Regina and Reggie Jr.  I pray that Reggie, Sr. will be brought out of his comatose state, and that his cancerous sores on his back will be healed in Jesus' Name.

C. - son Lawson 12, confusion prayer for peace and guidance.  Her friend Todd in ICU safe recovery.

prayer for a older couple to conceive a child or twins.

S.  - prayer for marriage.  Husband prob with ..... praying

Wayne from Maine - ministry in W Africa

Elizabeth calling for Tyler's ulcers and lower intestines.  Pray for Alma Rosa stomach cancer, in pain, and new Christian.

Valerie - family two daughters especially prayed for and her and hubby Bobby!  Pray for K.Y.  Daughters bad sick and grandkids

Tony in Chicago praying for marriages.  mended marriages in Jesus' names.

Laura NY - custody issues, hateful mean husband trying to take baby.  Pray for Christ's love for her ex because husband makes her angry.  She wants to trust God and needs prayer to help her daily it is difficult to deal with his demonic behavior.  God loves evil the evildoers.  We don't understand it, but God knows all, and will help us to love even the unloveable.

Jennifer - arkansas  - a member whose brother with schizophrenia and newly saved Mom.  Jennifer's mom a new believer.

Pelham - Coleman, AL.   wife in rehab and he is alone and very lonely and thinking thoughts of

Sweet young Rachel - hoping that things are healing in her household and that her parents are looking to God for the answer to their dilemmas.  I pray Rachel can continue with her education, with a clear, level head and finish up her education, and go on to do God's will in her life

Heart monitor at hospitals, let the Spirit of God flow to the rhythm of life for each ICU patient, and may the will of God be done in their lifes,

Candace - Oregon singer.  Singing songs of praise over the community!

Sam - Pittsburgh State Univ.  kept account. by DAB in college; keeping him ontrack with Christ.  Pray for school, Christian Fellowship on Campus, Campus ministers, pray for the Lord's continue movement over the campus.  Give them strength to be bold for Christ on the campus and among secular community.  A light to professors staff and peers.  Live to do the call and work of Christ.  Hang on to the hope that never disappoints in Jesus.  Keep your eyes on the Cross.

Rebecca - Michigan.  Pray for Dad. 84 years old.  Pray for Mom

Shelby - NJ.  Prayer for Michael, son.  behavioral hospital bc he thought he had feelings about harming himself.  A friend called police and went to hospital.  Senior in college, and pray for the completion of this degree.  May 2015.  Now going thru mental health issues.  Westchester University PA.

Cynthia - CA.   Play for Kira 4 years old, still having grand mal seizures

Blind Tony.  What a poem today!!!  Hallelujah!

Sam Western Australia - Romans 10:10-11;  Roman 8:30; Acts 13:38-39  Jesus is coming for His bride.

Lisa, Westn NC.   Two sisters with severe constipation.   Eph 6:18; Heb 10:19

Brandon, Westn CO.  Pray for our pastor and his wife who has inoperable tumor. Looking for a miracle.  Charlie and Sue's miraculous healing.  Pray for all of our pastors.  Need our strength and support.

Rebecca MI.  49 years old and wants to be married.

Prayer for my own inner scars to be healed.  I trust you God.  and I know the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

Slave of Jesus - Jesus defeated the enemy with the scriptures - said OUT LOUD!!
anger food fear etc., memorize a scripture and say it out loud for you!  Say it out loud every single day!!  write them down, say first thing in morning noon and night! psalms 103

Michael - TX.   Praise report. Podcasting experience needed.
prayer for smoke coming into house from next door neighbor.  children affected by smoke issues.
Friend with marriage in emergency mode.

Diane - VA  Celebrate REcovery (sexual addiction help).  Pray over marriages, family and children

claim our husbands and children back from the hands of spiritual death.  freed from bondage from drugs alcohol depression sex and all sins that have our children bound.  they need protection and energy to fight the good fight of faith.

Miss Sarah - loss of daughter Allison

Abby - AZ - Pray for financial provision.  Loss of job, and not enough money to cover expenses.  Burdens due now weighing heavily on us.

Woodstock Animal Sanctuary - little puppy Jordan - Kim from California

Officer Joe and wife Mickey!!

Prayer for Pam from UK.   Salvation for family!

Viola, MD  Caribbean sister!!  start praising God
Lord I praise you for my husband, bc you brought him into my life.  I praise you for his salvation, and according to your time Father God, I prepare myself to be the right wife for him in the sight of God.

Converted morman brother.

Kathleen - IL  son who purchased weed and was laced with something and son ended up in emergency room.  That morning a man prayed over son at a conference, and thank God that the prayer opened up the windows of heaven to show son his wrong ways.  Kathleen full time subbing job for a job that Kathleen doesn't feel comfortable with.

David - IL  mother going thru chemo for liver and colon cancer.

Pastor Jennie - FL

Peggy - TX  asks for pray for Karen - re trial cancer treatment.  She's gone now, but we need prayer for her husband Don, wheelchair bound.  Pray for Pat NW North Carolina, struggling with pain, and great fear, lacks faith in God's word.  feels desperate, and caretakers exhausted.

Nancy, Buffalo NY - daughter Sabrina, disautonomia problem, no cure, weak and passes out;
she is saved, but pray for her faith.  My mom passed on March 5 and her brother passed on the 14th.
Amy GA loss of son, David in Maine, Amy, AZ eating disorder.

Judith - WA  praise report.  Oswald, dad, in hospital pneumonia; infection gone, slowly recovering,  wants to transform life for Christ!  Her job situation.

Rebecca - looking for Christian friends

Debbie in TX - 1st husband Willie dying from cancer, and making peace with loved ones, and wants to see Jesus.  church family, leadership for transofmriaton for people to come know jesus on personal level.  Meet household needs.

nahani johnson - Elaine palmer, Ty from wyoming; agree for all of us dealing with child custody issues; Grace from Tampa praise report;

Melissa OH - brother oldest - aetheist, wants him to be saved, leading his adult children down that path.  Bryan, niece Katy, this coming from a long line of uninvolved fathers from generations of

Liz - IL - husbands mother Janet, cancer going thru very rough chemo.  last bout of chemo and ask for complete healing.

Julie - Katy in S Korea hospital.  cardiac inensive care.  Docs need to find out what's wrong and how to treat.

Trish, S. FL - Son now passed away bc of addiction.

Sam - WA  prayer for wife in new job position.  restorative justice area, challenging, gospel centered.  restoring relationships.  lift her up in prayer.  Needs all prayers she can get.

Theresa - ON Canada - re Victoria, Benita alcohol drug deliverance. prayer for family finances.  My daughter has drug alcohol deliver. too.

Shelia, MA - praise God is so wonderful.  God please reclaim all your children on this earth.  That our family become large and united.  My sister Marjorie now listening with such a spirit of God.  Dan from Mass. prayer for father Richard, lifting him up in prayer.  Asking for Docs guidance and wisdom.  Struggle with finding my faith in God and knowing God has a plan for everything and I can rest in the hard times.

Cindy, TN - Pray for Mike, new liver, heal or find a transplant.  My boss Jayson's father had small heart attacks.

Guy from Houston - pray for his marriage, wife is cheating with an employee.  Hold all marriages up.  Proclaim the Name of Jesus, the sure foundation.

Alice, UT - Thanks for calls.  reached out to former morman asking for

Michelle - OH.  Prayer for neighbor Nancy, diagnosed with cancern, stage 4; has a kindergartener and 6 grader, in her lungs and liver.  couple of months of chemo to go through.  Mandy, needs help - she can't keep food down, body rejects food and liquid.  She's saved and done missions.  Keep her in prayer.

Meagan - CA  Thanks for praying for Sonny.  Praying for DABers everyday!

Vanessa - AZ.  Pray for Ray who is in hospital;

Slave of Jesus - Pray for Drew!  Needs breakthru with relationship with ex, financial and job situation.  Prayer for Sgt Simpson, needs help with faith struggle.

James - Tchr in LA.  URGENT - sister in law, husband in England, found out her 7 mos old child rushed to hospital, stable, but needs help.  History of a cold, enlarged kidneys, and other ailments, medical issues.

Kathleen IL - Bridgit new husband, son and addiction to heroin and weed need prayer.  Prayer for daughter Abdel in AbuDahbi, and Adele.  Pray for my son Jesse too.

Sherry IL - request for Miss Chante in Detroit.  Scheduled for C section.  safe delivery, healthy child and TLC needed in hospital.

Jeremiah 29:11 
For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope iyour final outcome.
March 29 DAB

877 942 4253 prayer requests

Dan @ Pittsburgh State student. prayer for the school, bless campus, pray for Christian student group.
Let us be the salt, and example of righteousness to peers.  Pray for all who don't know the Lord.

Marty - boyfriend Jermaine to leave for Peru to play basketball.  Pray for him to find a church.  Pray for Kimmy's mom who has cancer, Ms. Pat.

Couple in CA new baby

Miss Sarah

John - pray for Sarah's loss of daughter; James teacher in LA; Asia in Munich, Joe policeman from GA;  DAFT;  Annette Tornado Alley; Drew's son and ex wife; Roger, Nancy, Viola, Blind Tony!

backslidden lady

Ms. Billy from Texas; bind every foul spirit in B illy's home and family life; lift up the name of Christ with joy, strength, exuberant.  We come against doubt, depression, sickness, .  Pray for her husband.

Jay from Jersey.  Almost debt free.  when God blesses you, ask him how He wants you to use the funds, deliverance from alcohol over a year now, thanks and praise to God.  Thanks for his job that is really above his certification level.

Will from Bozeman.  re daughter.  Committed to go thru counseling for help.  Pressures of the world coming down and trials, financially and otherwise.  Boss gave him  a raise, thank God.  Dentist successfully helped without pay.  God is good and I praise Him.  Pray for daughter to get counseling she needs.

Bradley Kentucky.  Father heart attack.  Kidneys failing.  Surgery, and father is afraid.


Father God, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  I come before your presence with thanksgiving and praise.  I come before your presence in awe of the marvelous power and majesty you are!  You are our king.  You've created us, and know all about us!  Your word in Jeremiah 29:11 
For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope iyour final outcome.
For all the prayers today in the community prayer line, Father God, I bow before you, your humble servant in the Name of Jesus, grant each prayer Father!  The requests are just heartbreaking Jehovah Ralpha, our healer!  Heal every physical, mental, spiritual, financial and relationship need Father.  Heal as only you can Lord!  We were never created to suffer.  We now suffer because of sin in this world!  But we give ourselves fully, completely over to you Lord to make us new, restore us, be the joy of our salvation!  Father God, draw us closer to Jesus, as we ask for your Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.